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Partnership announcement — Nova x Hubble Protocol

May 2, 2022
Company Update
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Nova is partnering with Hubble protocol, a decentralized finance lending protocol built on the Solana blockchain. With this long-term partnership, Nova and Hubble will work together in innovative ways to expand the borrowing & lending opportunities in asset management, which gives you more power, control, and investment opportunities with your portfolio!

With Hubble increasing liquidity of its users and Nova providing nAssets within the protocol, the composability of this partnership towards portfolio management is very promising.

Dawid Snyders — Hubble Protocol commented: “We’ve been following Nova from an early stage, and their concept of asset management as a service via nAssets is incredibly innovative. They are a true example of money legos combined with Tradfi concepts. There are so many ways our projects can feed into the success of one another, and we look forward to synergizing on all. the ideas we’ve discussed already, and those to come.

Collaborating with Nova specifically opens up possibilities to bolster trading liquidity via Hubble’s borrowing and our decentralized stablecoin, USDH. Both our teams are driven to innovate in the Solana Ecosystem, and we are excited to explore synergistic ways of doing so.

From Hubble’s perspective, this partnership was somewhat of a no-brainer, as we love what Nova is doing, and want to contribute to the project as much as possible. Ultimately, if Nova grows, Hubble grows, and that in itself is enough to get excited about.”

Adam Greenberg — Nova Finance commented: “We’re honored to be partnering with Hubble and working in a meaningful way together. It’s truly motivating to be collaborating with a great team who share similar values to Nova.

Hubble is providing great utility for liquidity and the protocol alongside the USDH stablecoin are crucial building blocks for DeFi. The robust nature of USDH provides Nova and Solana DeFi as a whole with a strong foundation to build upon.

We can’t wait to share more details about the areas in which we are collaborating. The composability that is possible between Nova & Hubble is very exciting and we’re looking forward to providing huge value and utility to users of both protocols.”

Intro to Hubble

Hubble protocol allows users to take interest-free loans against multiple crypto assets. Hubble works with USDH, Hubble’s decentralized stablecoin. So borrowing USDH, with 0% interest, gives users the chance to hold their tokens long-term and pursue whatever opportunities arise.

About Nova Finance

Nova is a programmable asset framework that allows people to access DeFi without having to learn complex financial management skills. Within the product, users can create a portfolio of assets that auto-generate returns through yield strategies while auto-executing on investment strategies such as dollar-cost averaging, take profit calls and much more.

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