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DeFi: The Future of Asset Management

November 30, 2022
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For too long, the Banks & Institutions have kept their incredible range of tools and opportunities in a financial headlock. Change always comes at a cost. Therefore, it's unlikely they will expand these financial environments for the public to easily access, not without being incentivized first.

This is why decentralized finance is so powerful. It has the potential to level the playing field and give everyone access to many of those tools and opportunities that have been reserved for the few.

Lending & Borrowing, Compounding, Collatoralizing assets and hedging tools like options are now reachable in under 10 clicks.

Decentralized Finance is accessible and powerful. Combined with automation and non-custodianship, it holds the key to the future of asset management. 

However, before we dive into the depths of asset management and how it relates to blockchain, let’s start discuss two types of Crypto assets: 

Crypto Native Assets

Currencies like Bitcoin, Solana & Ethereum and tokens like Chainlink and MKR are forms of networks and products that live primarily on a blockchain network. These are highly innovative ecosystems in their own right and often have unique economic environments.

Representative Crypto Assets

Stablecoins are probably the most well known where dollar tokens are issued on the blockchain and backed by real dollars stored in a banking infrastructure but we've seen representative assets of gold, precious metals and even securities like stocks.

Now that we have the assets…

What is asset management?

Asset management is the practice of acquiring, securing, and transacting the assets mentioned above with the intention of growing their value over time. 

For the majority, this world is reserved for the big financial institutions moving millions of dollars worth of assets around each day. The closest a lot of people come is their savings account at the bank or their pension scheme at work. 

Very few feel like they have access to the best opportunities, the best tools, knowledge or the best support when it comes to asset management and investment.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has the potential to change that and give everyone access to many of those tools and opportunities.

The future of asset management

At Nova, there's 2 aspects that we are focusing on that have the potential to solve these problems and unlock greater value and opportunity for everyone:


Banks, Investment platforms and crypto exchanges are all custodial. It means that ultimately, they store your assets and they have full control over how to utilize them.

Unfortunately, some custodial companies in decentralized finance have run into trouble. When you hand over your assets into a wallet that you don't control the private keys for, you have no authority to prevent such activity. 

Non-custodial protocols significantly reduce the chance of hacks and misuse of your funds by others. It also increases your control over funds: you can withdraw at any time and easily transfer between protocols.

We built Nova with non-custodianship at the core of what we do. When you deploy asset management structures, your funds are ring fenced and ensured through cryptography that only you can access those funds.


Being able to automate complex investment strategies opens up this world to anyone. You don’t have to be a financial expert and you don’t have to constantly check the charts. 

Automation allows you to set your strategy, which will allow you to invest without having to worry about the following:


Crypto is complicated, most of the best opportunities utilize at least 3 decentralized finance protocols to produce results. For a user trying to map out that journey it can take hours to understand.


If you've ever traded cryptocurrency, you've probably felt worry, impatience, FOMO or probably all 3 at the exact same time. These things really impact your judgement and decision making process. Building in strategies and steps that will execute without your input can be a powerful safeguard.


Crypto markets run 24/7/365 which means it’s virtually impossible for you to be present with every trend and turn in the market.

Be one of the first to create, automate and earn with Nova Finance, your non-custodial asset management protocol. Apply for early access.

What do you think about the future of asset management? Agree, disagree or want to discuss further? Find us on Twitter & Discord!